Excel Academy’s Electrocardiogram Technician course will teach you noninvasive aspects of interpreting and monitoring the cardiovascular system. You will learn to, position patients correctly for monitoring, educate patients about the testing procedures, run EKG’s and attach leads to patients, perform stress tests, prep patients for Holter monitoring, obtain a baseline record of the heart’s function for comparison to future electrocardiograms, deliver test results to physicians, nurse practitioners, or other medical professionals and more. 

Our experienced instructors are passionate for your success and especially for the clients that will be under your care. Excel Academy began with people just like you, who have decided to share their expertise with you to safeguard quality learning that results in quality care.

Courses are provided in our North Haven learning facility designed for hands-on instruction and essential skill development, giving you the tools needed to become an EKG Technician.

Classes are kept small to ensure individual attention and support from our qualified instructors.

Our laboratory learning room is modeled to mirror workplace environments. Scrubs and textbooks are included in your tuition. Excel Academy is committed to preparing graduates with the knowledge and skills to become quality Electrocardiogram Technician. 

We provide opportunities to accommodate flexible course scheduling to complete your training program on your terms.  

• One-on-one time with instructors available
• Day, evening, and weekend classes
• Focused on your individual needs

• Personalized learning plans
• Study at your own pace


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